Terrestrial geosites

T1. crevasse

Location: Trails of Mont Sainte-Anne, behind Mont Blanc.

Geoposition of the site: 48 ° 31'58.81 "N 64 ° 15'1.16" O elevation 309 m.

Accessibility: easy, three hiking trails of varying lengths give access.

Unique character: Erosion process

Among the interests: The La Crevasse site is a good example of the consequences of erosion on the conglomerates of the Bonaventure Formation. The belvederes that surround the crevasse offer an excellent point of view on the geological and geomorphological phenomena present north of Percé's natural amphitheater, such as Point St-Pierre, Pointe de Forillon, and formations of the Canne-de-Basin. -Roches.

interpretation: Guided hike



T2. Cave

Location: Trails of Mont Sainte-Anne, chemin de la Grotte.

Geoposition of the site: 48 ° 31'35.21 "N 64 ° 14'2.07" O elevation 151 m.

Accessibility: easy, via a gravel road and a path of 0,2 km.
Single character: Gorge

Among the interests: Locally known as "Grotto", this place is more exactly a gorge, that is to say a relief formed by the passage of water that has used the rock. The site of the Grotto has a religious aspect, since it has long served as a place of pilgrimage.

interpretation: Guided hike in a vehicle



T3. Roland Table

Location: At the top of Mount St. Anne.

Geoposition of the site: 48 ° 31'13.64 'N 64 ° 14'3.93' O elevation 318 m.

Accessibility: easy, via a trail of 2,3 km.

Unique character: Panoramic Site

Among the interests: The summit of Mount St. Anne, also called Table Roland, is primarily a panoramic site that allows you to observe the different elements of the landscape of Percé. Landmark for sailors, the perceens brought a statue of St. Anne, the patron saint of fishermen

Interpretation: Guided hike



T4. Magic forest

Location: On the small Mont Sainte-Anne

Geoposition of the site: 48 ° 31'22.16''N 64 ° 13'41.74''O

Accessibility: Path

Unique character: Rocky collapse

Among the interests: The Magic Forest occupies a sort of canyon that probably corresponds to a collapsing ditch or a very wide crack as a result of the slippage of an enormous block of conglomerate. As we enter the forest, we notice that trees with strongly curved trunks have grown on blocks of conglomerates, fallen from adjacent cliffs.

interpretation: Guided hike



T5. The bottomless hole

Location: Sentier des Sources, Mount St. Anne.

Geoposition of the site: 48°31’18.42″N 64°13’35.90″O

Accessibility: easy, 25 meters on the right from the Sources trail.

Unique character: Dissolution process

Among the interests: The "bottomless hole" is an underground cavity developed in conglomerates
of the Bonaventure Formation. This type of cavity is almost exclusively composed of pieces of marine limestone from older rock units. Limestones being soluble rocks, groundwater circulation can develop such cavities by dissolution process.

Interpretation panel



T6. Belvedere / Hanging glass platform

Location: Trails of Mont Sainte-Anne.

Geoposition of the site: 48 ° 31'22.43 "N 64 ° 13'34.66" O elevation 193 m.

Accessibility: easy walk on a gravel path or 1,3 km trail or via a shuttle.

Unique character: Panoramic site, future site of the suspended glass platform.

Among the interests: The site offers a breathtaking panorama of the entire natural amphitheater of Percé. The erection of a suspended observation platform will allow to visualize in a spectacular way the Geomorphology of the landscape. This glazed infrastructure of 25 meters long will be suspended to give the public an additional thrill in front of this panorama. Many geosites are visible from this site. In addition, all the historic buildings of the Percé Heritage Site are easily identifiable.

interpretation: Guided hike



T7. Church of Percé

Location: At the intersection of rue de l'église and rue Sainte-Anne.

Geoposition of the site: 48°31’32.12’’N 64°12’58.38’’O.

Accessibility: Easy, parking in front of the building.
Unique character: Built in local stone.

Among the interests: This geosite is both historical and cultural. The main building material is local stone from the Cannes-de-Roches quarry, located about 7 kilometers from the center of the Geopark. It is this red brown sandstone masonry that gives the building its characteristic color. Built in the early 1900 years, the church is an integral part of the historical and heritage wealth of Percé.

interpretation: Guided hike in a vehicle.



T8. Logan Park

Location: In the center of Percé, at the corner of 132 and rue du Mont-Joli.

Geoposition of the site: 48 ° 31'23.8 "N 64 ° 12'40.42" O elevation 11 m.

Accessibility: easy, in the center of the village.

Unique character: Outcrop of Upper Cambrian with calcite infiltration.

Among the interests: Small peak of Upper Cambrian rocks (489 Ma - 501 Ma), with numerous infiltrations of calcite. On these rocks is a plaque commemorating the famous geologist William Logan, pioneer of geological exploration in Gaspésie. He traveled the Gaspé and explored Percé in 1843 in the context of the very first project of the Geological Survey of Canada, of which he is the founder.

interpretation: Guided hike in a vehicle.