Guided walks and hikes


With a guide, the Geopark offers you to discover 500 million years of history of the earth through the captivating geological history of Percé.


#1: Hiking and walking in the village

History of land and people
Discover our geological and architectural heritage!

Detailed information:
Departure: Experiential Pavilion
Places visited: Camping, St-Michel Church, Town hall, Fisherman’s house (film scene), Mont-Joli, Logan Park, and more.
Subjects of interpretation: History of Percé, the Micmac presence, heritage buildings, Percé and the October crisis, Beatniks 68/70, description of the geosites, fossils, and geology of Percé.
Duration: 1h30
Schedule: on reservation (418-782-5102)
Adult: $12
Students (13-17) 10$
Children: (6-12) 7$
Under 6 years: FREE

#2: Mountain hiking and platform

Breathtaking panorama and magic forest
Explore the stones that transform the life!

Detailed information
Departure: Experiential Pavilion.
Places visited: Mont-Ste-Anne, hanging glass platform, Magic Forest, bottomless cavern and identification of visible geosites from the platform.
Topics of interpretation: the architecture of the experiential pavilion, the 5 geological periods visible in Percé, the characteristics of the magic forest, the legend of the Table à Rolland, description of the geosites.
Duration: 1h30
Schedule: on reservation (418-782-5102)
Adult: $12
Students (13-17) 10$
Children: (6-12) 7$
Under 6 years: FREE

Pour profiter pleinement des randonnées, n’oubliez pas:
-Chaussures de marche confortables
-Casquette ou chapeau
-Eau + collation

Pour capter de magnifiques images de votre géo-excursion, n’oubliez pas votre appareil photo !


Douglas Hunt – Bilingual certified guide

Douglas Hunt was born in Gaspesie. After his academic studies, he had a successful career in socio-economic development and as a sustainable development agent, which enabled him to further deepen his knowledge of the region.
When he retired, he returned to school and obtained a certificate to become a tourist guide. His two great passions for work with the public and for the gaspésie are thus filled. Since 2010, he has been guided by guided tours for groups of all nationalities, ranging from one person to several hundred.
Douglas also holds a certificate of passenger ship captain, gives conferences, plays music, is a certified observer of marine mammals and an operator of the passive listening of marine mammals, in addition to owning a small maple grove.
As you can imagine, he has tons of stories to tell. The Geopark of Percé is pleased to have the privilege to count him among the members of his team!

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