It is 9pm in Percé - Multimedia projection

“Il est 21h à Percé”

The Legend of the creation of the micmac people
New in 2017-Free Outdoor Multimedia Projection
A creation of XYZ Cultural Technology

The Géoparc de Percé is proud to present, every night, “Il est 21h à Percé” / “It’s 9pm in Percé”, the vibrant and touching legend of the creation of the micmac people (multimedia), in collaboration with the Micmac nation of Gespeg (Nation Micmac de Gespeg).

This 12-minute short film tells the fascinating story of Gluscap, a legendary hero and a micmac spirit (also spelled glooscap, gluskabe, glooskap, gluskabi, kluscap, kloskomba, or gluskab). Gluscap is, according to legend, the very first micmac to which “the great spirit” gave life to earth. In this legend, the hero learns the life, the values to be transmitted to his people and the path that will lead him from west to the land of Gespeg, on the Gaspé Coast (Gaspésie).

The Inauguration of this novelty was carried out on June 23 (2017) in the presence of guests of honour:
Madam Manon Jeannotte, Chief of the Micmac nation of Gespeg
Madam Minister of National Income, Mrs Diane Lebouthillier
The representant of the Gaspé at the National Assembly of Quebec, Mr. Gaétan Lelièvre
Several members of the Geopark cooperative.
Their presence demonstrated once again how the projet project is rallying for the community of Percé, for the politicians and also for the entire region, la Gaspésie.

A must see, every night, 9PM. And it’s free !

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