The Green Brigade of Grand Percé

Festi-neige of Percé

The Green Brigade, what is it?

The Green Brigade are citizens who are sensitive to the cleanliness of their environment and the waste that we find in nature. It is also a municipality that prioritizes respect for the environment of the territory.

Awareness is mission number 1 of the Green Brigade, starting with small things that sometimes make all the difference. Beaches, parks, public places, trails, sidewalks, walks and bike paths to live in a city that cares about its environment. A city more beautiful, more welcoming, thanks to its citizens!

The Green Brigade periodically organizes green gatherings. Springtime collective cleaning of beaches, trails, a schoolyard or a park? Why not ! Be on the lookout and give your ideas!

The Green Brigade is on Facebook

You can also be a brigadier on a daily basis. Just bring a garbage bag during your outings, for example. It does not take a lot of effort and it's crazy all you can pick up with a walk. We want to see your photos and videos on our Facebook page. Because all the little things matter.

2019 large cleaning operation

Operation Great Cleaning Grand Percé is an activity to raise awareness of the cleanliness of our environment.

The 8 next June, embark on the cause of the Green Brigade and clean your little piece of land, beach, street, or a public place to make it more welcoming and enjoyable.

Interested persons to organize a group for a chore can contact us via Facebook.

There will be a draw participation price among all participants!
Thank you to all and the pleasure of beautifying the landscape and "picking" waste together, the 8 next June.

Let's be proud, let's be beautiful, be citizen green brigadiers and proud to be!