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Scientist Morning

1 1 Scientific mornings Scientific mornings at the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé are part of the regular program for summer 2019. Beginning on July 7. Target clientele: 6 to 12 years old (but everyone is welcome) Featured, 4 Club des Débrouillards workshops, in collaboration with Technoscience de l'Est-du-Québec. Workshops …

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Guided hikes

Guided hikes * Please note that the trails of the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé have been designed for hiking only. Mountain bikes are prohibited there. Thank you for your comprehension. Accompanied by a qualified guide, the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé invites you to hike to explore more than 500 million years ...

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Self-guided hikes

Autonomous hikes * Please note that the trails of the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé have been designed for hiking. Mountain bikes are prohibited there. Thank you for your understanding. At the Geopark, access to the trails is free. Hikers have access to 18 km of trails that allow them to discover 23 listed geosites. From ...

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Desjardins playroom

Desjardins games area The Desjardins Geopark games area is unique. It was custom developed by the Quebec company Tessier Récréo-Parc in collaboration with the firm BC2. Made in Germany by the leaders in the field of net structures, it was named by the manufacturer "the project of the month" in October ...

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Yukigassen: a Nordic sport

Yukigassen: a Nordic sport The Geopark of Percé is a member of the Yukigassen Quebec Federation Notice to Yukigassen enthusiasts. It is possible to reserve the field for your festivals, events, school trips, etc… A little history of sport …… The Yukigassen was invented by the Japanese in 1987 at Showa-Shinzan in Hokkaido. To summarize quickly, ...

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The legend of Gluskap

The legend of Gluskap The creation of the Mi'kmaq people Free outdoor multimedia projection An XYZ creation Cultural technology The Geopark of Percé is proud to show every evening the short film “The legend of Gluskap”, the vibrant and touching story of the creation of the Micmac people, in collaboration with the Micmac Nation of Gespeg. This short film ...

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Suspended glass platform

Suspended glass platform An unmissable experience Since June 2017, visitors and hikers can access the suspended glass platform of the Geopark. Whether it is to test your vertigo or to enjoy the breathtaking view of Percé and the surrounding area, there is something for everyone, 12 months a year! Glassed and dizzying ...

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Tektonik To see at the Experiential Pavilion: the interactive adventure TEKTONIK It is the Montreal firm XYZ Cultural Technology that signed the realization of Tektonik, a thrilling multimedia adventure that brings together geology, history and new technologies in a unique way in Quebec and which inscribes the Geopark of Percé as a must stop in Gaspésie. Come listen ...

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